Understanding Consolidations in Oracle’s FCCS

So - you are considering going to the cloud with Oracle’s FCCS for your Consolidations solution. If you are coming from Oracle’s HFM, you may have noticed that the Value dimension you finally understand is gone. Don’t worry! This blog will help explain the differences in how FCCS and HFM utilize the their dimensionality to run translations and consolidations.

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OneStream Extensible Dimensionality

A huge hurdle for corporate planning processes is building applications that fit the needs of all business users. OneStream has solved this problem by introducing Extensible Dimensionally. Extensible Dimensionality is a powerful feature which allows business users the ability to customize a larger application to their business’s specific needs! Read more about how OneStream’s Extensible Dimensionality feature can simplify your corporate planning process.

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Rolling Twelve Month Data Made Easy with FCCS

In many organizations, viewing and presenting data on a Rolling Twelve-Month (R12) basis is an essential part of their analysis, as well as the reporting process. For those that are used to working with Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) and have this requirement, you know that it can be cumbersome to fulfill this reporting objective.

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3 Key Uses of Supplemental Data Manager

Have you ever heard of the quote, “Less is more”? In the case of data, this is not true. In today’s business environment, data is abundant. Everywhere we look, businesses are either talking about or analyzing data; and for good reason. Data is critical to the success of any business, in any industry. So, when we talk about data, actually, “More is more”!

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