3 Key Features of Anaplan (and some comparisons to Oracle PBCS and Hyperion)

1. Don’t stop.  Anaplan is.. real time

By default, Anaplan calculates everything in memory.  That means there is no real need to “run a calculation”.  Functionally, this is great because you can immediately see the impact of a change in your planning process.  For example, you can see, in real time, how a change to headcount would impact your personnel costs on the P&L.  It also alleviates any wait time users may encounter during a standard planning process.  You really are the “MC” (bad pun intended) of your results.

* Oracle Hyperion folks: this is very similar to how ASO operates in concept, although the execution is much different.

2. Anaplan is “modularly scalable” (note: this is a term we made up – the Anaplan team calls it “connected planning”, which also has a great ring to it)

It’s very easy to scale Anaplan and add more detail to a planning process or integrate planning processes across the organization.  Scenario: you have a planning process that requires input of a revenue number for all business units.  One of those business units decides building up their revenue based on product units and mix is a better way to plan. It’s very simple to create a detailed product level input module to satisfy that business unit’s needs while also feeding the broader company revenue figure.

* Oracle Hyperion folks: Anaplan is module based – modules almost act like “infinite mini cubes” or plan types with the ability to connect to each other with different dimensionality and levels of detail.

3. Dashboards are a planner’s best friend


Dashboards are a one stop shop for all planning processes.  They contain the ability to input and change data, interact with financial analytics, run reports, and navigate the system.

Oracle Hyperion folks: A dashboard includes the functionality combo of a web form, FR report, and dashboard chart /graph in Hyperion and PBCS – with the ability to add instructions, navigation, and notes/info however you see fit.

The best way to get a feel for Anaplan it is to see it for yourself!  Contact us to schedule a free demo.

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