4 Anaplan Tricks to Treat Your Forecast Fright

You know what’s really spooky?  Having a financial planning process that isn’t as agile as your business. 


Your current process may be scary manual Excel files with 1000s of VLOOKUPs and macros or an archaic system of waiting…waiting...and waiting for results to calculate (that are likely already out of date).  It can all get better with 4 tricks using Anaplan.

1. Start with your most important business questions – and get answers with impactful and data-backed visualizations.

Is my personnel forecast baseline on target with expected % of sales?  Is our department too top heavy?  The graphics below provide easy answers at a glance and change as forecasts and actuals roll in.

Picture 1.png

2. Very few can predict the future with accuracy – set up real time “what-if” scenarios to understand best, worst, and likely case outcomes.

How will our product perform this year?  (Last year was a solid year for candy corn.) We may not know for sure, but we can model the impact of low to high growth trajectories on our P&L.

Picture 2.png

3. Results alone don’t tell a full story – rank forecasts against comparable business units and surface insightful outliers.

Our Northern area revenue is trending very positive, but why?  It seems like one region in the Massachusetts area is blowing past their estimates like a monster.  We can easily investigate in more detail knowing where to look.

Picture 3.png

4. A plan can’t be built in a silo by one set of people in your organization – use Anaplan to easily connect planning processes across your various functions.  Support detailed plans where appropriate and integrate them all for a better pulse on business results.

Allow your various functions and business units to plan using the process flow and level of detail needed to support their piece of the forecast.

Pumpkin Supply Chain likes to plan by farm source location and Haunted House Expenses need cost per “scare room”. We can support their requests very easily and still report at a succinct, consolidated level.

Picture 4.png
Picture 5.png

Clear out the tangled spiderweb mess of your current planning process.  Contact us for a demo of how Anaplan brings real world business value to organizations or join us for a hands-on event in King of Prussia, PA on November 14th.