The Story Behind the Numbers: Supporting Detail in PBCS

Built into Oracle’s Planning & Budgeting Cloud (PBCS) software, there is a scarcely used, but powerful feature known as Supporting Detail.

How does this functionality benefit me?

For organizations that like to build to up their budget or forecast for a particular account by line item (i.e. budget individual product types by vendor) the supporting detail functionality can add additional clarity into how those numbers were derived.


How does it work?

Use the Supporting Detail window to set how detail items aggregate to cell values in a form.  To add supporting detail that calculates values in a form or ad hoc grid:

1. Open an existing form in PBCS, and then select the intersection for which you would like to add Supporting Detail.  You can select one cell or a range of contiguous cells in a row or column. The section cannot include a combination of rows and columns. Select cells that are in the local currency so that you can write to them.


2. Right click, select Cell Actions and then Supporting Detail.


The Supporting Detail window reflects your cell selection.

3. Enter a description over the initial “untitled” text.  The text and its associated operator must be unique among children of the same parent. By default, you can enter up to 1,500 characters.

4. Use the buttons to create or change the indented hierarchy to reflect the desired structure and calculations.  For example, click Add Child to add a line item directly below the selected item.


5. Set the mathematical relationships among the line items by selecting an operator for each of them.

Select from these operators:


6. Enter data to set or calculate.  Remember to enter values using the same data scaling that was set up for the form.

7. Click Save.  Values are dynamically calculated and aggregated before the data is saved. Data on the form is also saved.


Can I view Supporting Detail in SmartView?

Yes, you can! Not only can you view the already created detail, but you can create or add Supporting Detail that calculates values in a form opened in the SmartView front end, or within an ad hoc grid:

1. After performing a retrieve on cells with Supporting Detail attached, right click on a base level value, select SmartView, then Supporting Details:


2. Enter the corresponding details to the intersection (similar to how it is done in the web interface) and click Submit.


3. Notice that the cells and intersections with supporting detail will display in a different color:


4. You can also view or modify Supporting Detail via the Cell Actions menu within the Planning Ad Hoc ribbon within SmartView:


For more information on how Supporting Detail can enable a more meaningful and insightful planning process or to schedule a more in-depth demonstration, contact us!