Forecasting & Planning SolutionS

Actionable and intelligent business forecasts powered by technology

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Get a better understanding of how you can manage and impact your business
with tried and true planning solutions

Financial Statement Planning
Automate the forecasting of key financial statements

Driver-based Forecasting
Understand the "what if" impacts to your business

Actuals Integration
Drive your forecast accuracy with up-to-date actual data

Product Profitability
Generate a plan for driving up margins

Labor & Workforce Planning
Streamline personnel cost planning for your organization

CapEx Planning
Plan for capital expenses by project and other important metrics

Forecast & Budget Consolidation
Collect and report on data from global business units in an efficient way

Currency FX Analysis
Forecast how changes to currency will impact your financial results

Rolling Forecasting
Get a real-time view of your financials with continuous planning throughout the year

Zero-based budgeting
Budget leveraging a bottom up process to better understand and control costs

Cost Allocation
Determine how central costs are most efficiently allocated across your business

Connected Planning
Connect the planning process across major functions for a holistic view of your business

The Platform Specialists team has helped us successfully implement a suite of forecasting and analytics solutions over the course of the past 5+ years. The team mapped out a functional and technical plan that was executed on time and budget and delivered ROI project after project. They have been and will continue to be a great EPM partner to us.
— Director, FinanciAL systems


success story: FP&A TRANSFORMATION
Fortune 500 | Media & Telecom

Multi-year portfolio of projects that helped to transform a manual Excel based forecasting process into an automated and intelligent driver based P&L solution. Everyone from regional planners to C level executives are now able to efficiently model systematic business changes and immediately see the impact to financials. Daily sales analytics, automated personnel and revenue planning, and rolling forecasting are few of the tactical goals met by the strong team of Platform Specialists and client team professionals.


We support all solutions from strategy to systems implementation.

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