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An Anaplan solution built for businesses in the Real Estate sector, including: a high level summary dashboard, detailed key metrics, property management, depreciation scheduling, and more.

Configure to your business needs and accelerate your deployment.

Easily gain actionable insights across the property portfolio

  • Tailor dashboards to display relevant information for the selected property

    • High level details for properties may include yield %, purchase price, investment costs, and lease amounts

  • Utilize graphics to easily visualize relevant property portfolio information

    • Revenue and property count broken down by geographical location

    • Revenue provided at tenant or operator level

→ Evaluate key PERFORMANCE metrics FOR various tenant sectors

  • Customize metrics specific to any industry that determine the health of tenant business

  • Ability to analyze detailed yield % using a heat map to understand return on lease agreements

  • Create dashboards with graphical analysis to best fit business needs


  • Easily enter and edit property details such as purchase price, initial lease agreement, and address

  • Categorize property by tenant and industry

  • View location count on interactive geographical maps

→ Analyze Depreciation FOR individual properties

  • Manage property details that impact depreciation such as date placed into service and asset life

  • View depreciation at any level: individual property, tenant category, or total company

  • See depreciation schedule on monthly basis

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